CRT TV Wall Mounts

If you're not ready to take the plunge with a flat screen TV, or perhaps your particular setup does not warrant the additional expense, you can still get a wall mount for a conventional CRT TV.

The CRT mounts come in two basic configuration, wall and ceiling. The wall mounts tend to be the most common as they are easier to install. Most come with swivel and tilt mechanisms and sometimes a bracket for a DVD player.

The older CRT TVs are much heavier than their flat screen counterparts, so proper installation, with the mounting screws securely sunk into the wall studs, is essential.

Product Summaries

OmniMount ECSB TV Component Wall Mount
OmniMount ECSB TV Component Wall Mount  
If you want your home theater setup to garner some 'wow' above and beyond the display screen, the super-sleek, see-through OmniMount ECS-B, is sure to entice.
OmniMount Tria-2 TV Wal Mount
OmniMount Tria-2 TV Wal Mount  
The OmniMount Tria-2 is a cool looking twin shelf component system that attaches to the wall directly beneath your big screen TV.
OmniMount TRIA  TV Wall Mount
OmniMount TRIA TV Wall Mount  
The Ominmount Tria is a wall mounted shelf system that allows you to neatly organize and showcase your A/V equipment alongside a wall mounted flat panel TV.