Premier Mounts FLIP TV Wall Mount

Flip Down Convenience In An Under Cabinet Mount

Premier Mounts FLIP TV Wall Mount

Editors' Rating:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Sideways mounting option
  • Screen can rotate 360 degrees
  • Screen may be positioned anywhere along arm
  • Mounting hardware inadequate
  • Requires precise tension adjustment
  • Swing arm hinge does not rotate

Quick Specs
Mount Type:
 Flip Down
Fits Screens:
Max Capacity:
Tilt Up/Dn:
Profile Height:
Max Stud Span:
 Single Stud
 VESA 50/75/100mm

Product Summary
The Premier Mounts FLIP is an attractively styled under cabinet TV mount that will keep your TV out of harms way, yet swing into action at a moments notice. For busy professionals this combination of easy storage and rapid access make this TV mount an indispensable convenience for any modern work space.

The mount itself is a good example of keeping things simple, consisting of just three parts: the base, swing arm and back plate. The base is the part that attaches to the underside of the cabinet. Since the full weight of the TV and the mount depends on this component it is vitally important that it be installed securely.

The included mounting kit contains some screws for this purpose be we recommend a different approach. If your cabinets are like most they will more than likely be made of particle board. Unfortunately particle board cannot hold screws very well. Over time they can work loose and even rip out given enough pressure (with disastrous results for your TV). A simple but effective solution is to use bolts instead. This will of course require that you drill holes in the cabinet bottom for the bolts to pass through, but you eliminate the possibility of the base detaching from the cabinet.

But before you start drilling you need to get the base correctly orientated. Ideally you want the swing arm to be in the same plane as your line of sight when the TV is in use. This way you will be looking at the screen head on, which will give the clearest picture. Getting the right orientation is often easier said than done and will depend largely on your layout, the depth of your cabinets and how big a TV you have.

One way to find a suitable position is to assemble the mount and temporarily attach the TV. Then have an assistant hold it up against the underside of a cabinet in the desired position. Flip the screen from horizontal to vertical and back again. Did the screen clear the back wall? Could you see the screen more of less head on? It might take a few attempts but you should be able to find a good compromise. Mark the bolt hole locations and drill away.

The mount plate (the part that attaches to the back of your TV and secures it to the swing arm) is VESA compatible and can handle 50mm, 75mm and 100mm mount hole patterns. This should accommodate the vast majority of small flat screen TVs on the market, but if in doubt check your TV's owner manual before you order. A small clamp on the back of the plate lets you position the screen anywhere along the length of the arm. This can be useful if you need more clearance between the bottom of the screen and the countertop when the TV is in the vertical position. In addition the clamp also lets the TV rotate a full 360 degrees.

Both the locking clamp and the swing arm hinge are controlled with simple tension. Be ready to make some adjustments to match the weight of your TV so as it stays where you put it. This will often require a bit of trial and error as too much tension will prevent the screen from moving at all, and too little will result in the TV succumbing to gravity.

An under cabinet TV mount is a practical option for a wide range of environments and the Premier Mounts FLIP delivers a simple yet sturdy solution.

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