AVF EL404B TV Wal Mount

Eco-Friendly Single Stud TV Mount for 25-40-Inch Screens

AVF EL404B TV Wal Mount

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  • Eco friendly manufacturing
  • VESA compatible
  • "Easy Click" front mount assembly
  • Instructions contain only pictures
  • Alignment issues in arm hinge
  • Limited tilt angle

Quick Specs
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Max Capacity:
Tilt Up/Dn:
Profile Height:
Max Stud Span:
 Single Stud

Product Summary
The EL404B TV wall mount is part of AVF's 'eco-mount' product line that bills itself as the first carbon neutral mount system. By sharing common modular component parts raw material use is reduced and the end result is a mount that will fit in a box that is 50% smaller than comparable products. Sounds great, but can it hold a TV straight?

AVF are not kidding when it comes to the box size. It really is small. At first it is hard to believe that a complete TV wall mount can be made so compact. It turns out this space saving miracle is achieved by breaking the mount down into its component parts. That's over 40 in total (if you include the screws, spacers and bolts). The real challenge is putting everything back together again.

If you happen to employ the services of an illiterate installer he/she should have little difficulty with the instructions as they are entirely made up of pictures. This eliminates the need to publish multiple versions in different languages but for the graphically challenged the lack of written directions can cause some confusion. For example in diagram 1 where it shows how to attach the adapter plates to the back of the TV there is no mention of orientation of the plates relative to the screen. (The small yellow clips should be towards the bottom).

Next comes the wall plate. The EL404B is a single stud mount and the wall plate consists of a vertical pillar that must be securely attached to the stud or cinder block using three screws (supplied). It is critical to get this part absolutely plumb. If it's off even slightly the mistake will be magnified as the arm is extended out causing your TV to lean one way or the other. Be sure to use a good quality bubble level and mark and drill the holes one at a time.

While we're on the subject of alignment pay special attention when attaching the arm assembly. You want it to move smoothly, but still be tight enough to eliminate any wobble. There's no mention in the instructions but careful use of the supplied hex wrench will allow you to adjust the arm tension until you find a good balance.

When it's time to mount the TV nothing could be easier. The rear adapter plates on the back of the TV have small spring clips. Simply hook the top of the adapters over the rail on the front plate and snap into place. AVF call this "easy-click" and it's a common feature across the eco-mount product line.

If necessary the screen's tilt angle can be adjusted +/- 10° via the four locking bolts at the back of the adapter plates. In the fully extended position the mount can reach 16" from the wall and has a profile of 5" when stowed. The screen can swivel a maximum of 180° but the amount will depend on how wide your TV is and how far away from the wall it is positioned.

From design to packaging AVF have attempted to eliminate waste and produce an environmentally friendly product. The AVF EL404B takes advantage of shared components and efficient manufacturing to produce a quality TV wall mount that will appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer. Well done AVF.

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