BDI Arena 9972 TV Wall Mount

High End Floor Standing Mount For 40" to 60" Displays

BDI Arena 9972 TV Wall Mount

Editors' Rating:

  • High quality engineering
  • Flexible design
  • Built-in cable management
  • Expensive
  • No tilt feature
  • Limited swivel range

Quick Specs
Mount Type:
 Floor Standing
Fits Screens:
Max Capacity:
Profile Height:
Max Stud Span:
 Free Standing

Product Summary
BDI have a well earned reputation for quality engineering and innovative design. The Arena 9972 TV stand is no exception.

This high-end mount offers a interesting alternative to wall mounting a TV using a conventional TV wall mount. Since it is free standing there is no real installation headaches and you don't need to drill holes in your living room wall.

The Arena 9972 is designed to fit behind a home theater console or low cabinet. You are going to need at least 2" of vertical clearance between the floor and underside of the base, and between 13.5" and 16" either side of the cabinet's center line to accommodate the stand's support legs. The legs themselves are 18" deep.

As with all floor stands, elevation is limited. The center pillar that supports the screen has a series of holes at 3" intervals to position the top mounting bracket. This allows you to select one of four height options. The pillar itself tops out at under 5 feet so check that the screen has enough clearance below before you order.

Unlike a typical articulating mount, the Arena 9972 offers no extension or tilt feature. A pair of hinged brackets attach to the top of the center pillar to provide a limited swivel capability. The degree of swivel will be determined by how wide your TV is and the stand's profile height. Profile can be adjusted between 6.2" and 8" depending on the placement of the brackets (front or side mounting).

A nice feature is the rear open channel in the pillar that can hide the maze of wires and give a clean, professional look. A large aperture at the base gives plenty of room to snake the cabling to the electronics and still keep them out of sight.

BDI include a big selection of mounting hardware, including some handy screw levelers for the feet to tackle uneven flooring. There are also additional leveling discs that attach to the TV brackets to bring the screen into perfect vertical alignment.

The Arena 9972 TV stand will appeal to those that appreciate quality construction and attention to detail. That doesn't come cheap these days, but for those that want the best this stand should more than meet their expectations.

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