Cheetah ALAMLB TV Wall Mount

Single Stud Articulating TV Wall Mount For 23-37" Displays

Cheetah ALAMLB TV Wall Mount

Editors' Rating:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Roll adjustment
  • Clear instructions
  • Excellent value
  • VESA plate can obstruct rear connections
  • Clumsy tilt adjustment
  • Stiff arm joints

Quick Specs
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Max Stud Span:
 Single Stud

Product Summary
The Cheetah ALAMLB is a sturdy, single stud articulating TV wall mount that can handle most TVs from 23" to 37" and up to 65lbs in weight. It has a fashionably slim 2 9/16" profile when stowed and can extend out a full 20" for easy viewing and cable maintenance.

The front plate (the part that attaches to the back of your TV) includes the following VESA hole patterns: 50x50mm, 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x200mm and 200x100mm. This should accommodate the majority of TVs for the listed size range but you might find the relatively large size of the plate to partially or completely obstruct the TV's rear connections when bolted into position.

The exact position of the plate relative to the connections is very much dependent on the make a model of your TV. Ideally you want the sockets off to the side, away from the mount points. An easy way to check if you have enough clearance is to cut out a piece of paper 8" square (the size of the plate) and center it over the TV's mount holes. If you can still reach the sockets you should be fine. If not you might be able to use some "L" shaped adapter plugs to work around the problem.

Overall fit and finish of the Cheetah ALAMLB is very good with the load bearing components made of high grade steel. The wall plate has a decorative plastic cover and together with the polished steel hinges it makes for a very professional look.

The mount has a full 180 degree pan and a +/-15 degrees of tilt. The tilt angle is controlled by a bolt that secures the front plate to the arm assembly. It's a clumsy arrangement that requires the use of a wrench whenever you need to change angles. On the plus side there is a small +/-4 degree roll adjustment that is very useful in precisely leveling the screen.

Out of the box you will probably find the arms are set too stiff. This can be adjusted with the included allen key but finding a good balance can be a challenge. Be prepared to fiddle with different tension settings to find something that works for your needs.

Installation is a breeze thanks in large part to the clearly written instructions (when was the last time your saw that?) The mount also comes with a good assortment of hardware including wall anchors, lag bolts, screws and washers. Chances are you will have the thing on the wall in under 30 minutes without having to make a trip to the local hardware store to find a missing part.

For the perfectionists out there be aware that the center line of the wall plate is not the same as the TV when the mount is in the folded position. The TV will end up slightly to the left. If you must have the screen centered on the wall you will need to adjust the wall plate location to allow for this.

The Cheetah ALAMLB is a nifty little TV wall mount with easy installation and solid construction. Throw in some stylish looks and low price and it looks like a smart buy.

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