Cheetah APTMSB TV Wall Mount

Compact Tilting Mount for 23"-37" Displays

Cheetah APTMSB TV Wall Mount

Editors' Rating:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy lateral adjustment
  • Low profile
  • Excellent value
  • Included bubble level inaccurate
  • Inadequate instructions
  • Awkward tilt adjustment after installation
  • Locking screws difficult to reach

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Product Summary
Attention all bargain hunters. The Cheetah APTMSB TV wall mount offers you a compact tilting mount with sturdy construction and easy installation for an unheard of low price. Yet this is the same quality mount that you'll find in many electronics retailers charging several times what this mount is selling for.

The included instructions are a bit sparse by luckily the install process is not very complicated and anyone with some basic skills should be able to have this mount up in under an hour.

The first step is to attach the backplate to the wall. The backplate itself consists of four separate pieces that must be bolted together to form a rectangular frame. Make sure to position the top and bottom horizontal frame sections so as their mounting slots are flush with the wall. Then attach the two side brackets and tighten to form a rigid box.

Decide where you want your TV to be positioned on the wall and make a mark. Using a stud finder pinpoint the nearest two adjacent wall studs and mark their center lines. To make sure that the TV hangs straight it is vitally important to get the backplate frame completely level on the wall. To easiest way to do this is with a bubble level.

Cheetah include a mini torpedo bubble level for this purpose, plus there is a smaller one built into the frame itself. Unfortunately the accuracy of both are very much hit or miss. To be safe use a quality level that you supply yourself.

The wall plate is 19" wide and since most residential homes use 16" stud spacing this gives you a bit of leeway in order to center the plate on the wall and still be over the studs. Just remember that the mount bolts must end up on the wall stud's center line, and not on the edge.

Now that you have the wall plate securely fastened it's time to install the adapter brackets to the back of your TV. Cheetah include a good selection of bolts and spacers that will fit most screens, but you made need a bit of trial and error to find the correct size. Be careful not to force the screw as this could permanently damage the TV's mount socket. If it doesn't screw in easily, it's the wrong one. If none fit you might need to make a trip to the local hardware store.

When you have the right screws position the adapter brackets on the back of the TV and make sure they are oriented so as the hooked end is towards the top of the screen. Tighten the screws so as everything is secure.

One of the main selling points of the APTMSB is its very low profile. At 1.9" the screen hugs close to the wall, which produces a more aesthetically pleasing look. But there is a trade off.

Specifically the tilt adjustment is very difficult to alter once the screen is in place. The two quick release knobs on each side are next to impossible to turn because the space between the back of the TV and the wall is so small. The only option is to set the tilt before you hang the screen.

Also, keep in mind that tilting the screen will result in the top of the TV leaning away from the wall. To some extent this defeats the object of a low profile mount.

You may also have very little room to attach the cable connections in the back of the TV, especially if the TV's rear sockets are angled horizontally. A simple work around is to use L-shaped 90° adapters that are sold in most electronic stores. Alternatively you can try adding a few plastic spacers to bring the screen slightly further away from the wall. This will of course increase the profile.

The Cheetah APTMSB is a compact and sturdy tilting TV wall mount at a very attractive price. If you just need something that you can set and forget it has few rivals.

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