OmniMount Tria-2 TV Wal Mount

Cool Looking Twin Shelf Component System

OmniMount Tria-2 TV Wal Mount

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  • Shelves adjust in 1" increments
  • Integrated cable management
  • Wire covers can be painted
  • Compatible with other Tria products
  • Cable management difficult to setup
  • Confusing multi-lingual instructions

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 Single Stud

Product Summary
The OmniMount Tria-2 is a cool looking twin shelf component system that attaches to the wall directly beneath your big screen TV. It can hold a DVD player, receiver or cable box and for neat freaks it has the added bonus of hiding all the wires.

The Tria-2 is part of Omnimount's line of component wall shelf units that also include single and triple shelf options (the Tria 1 and Tria respectively). The parts are interchangeable and you can mix and match to create the exact configuration for your needs.

TV wall mount manufacturers are famous for shipping their products with skimpy to non-existent instructions. The Tria's are voluminous by comparison. They must have been compiled by a committee from the United Nations as every step from the required tools to final assembly is explained in over 25 different languages. The linguistically challenged will have to make do with the pictures and diagrams. Fortunately, they're easy to follow and quite detailed.

Before you start the install there are a few things that need careful consideration. The Tria-2 is a single stud wall mount. If you intend to install it centered directly under your TV it is important that the TV mount is also single stud. This way both mounts can be aligned using the same stud.

If you already have your screen installed using a two stud mount you have a couple of options. The first is to mount the Tria-2 off-center using either the left or right stud. Depending on the make and model of your TV mount and the width of your TV it might be possible to re-center everything by using the mount's lateral adjustment feature (not all mounts have this so check the documentation first). If so, try sliding the TV over and see if it will line up with the Tria-2 below.

A more involved solution is to install a cross brace between the two studs. This will require that you open up a section of the wall and might not be worth the trouble. Under no circumstances should you try to install the Tria-2 against sheet rock alone. Sheet rock is not strong enough to support the weight of the shelf with the equipment. You run the risk of the whole thing falling down.

If you must have symmetry and none of the above are practical you can always buy another Tria-2 and mount it adjacent to the first. Be aware that the shelves with overlap sightly so you will need to offset them a little. This is easily done as all the shelves are fully adjustable in 1" increments

The Tria-2 also has a highly effective cable management system. The wires run in tracks along either side of the back spine. Everything is hidden from sight by plastic covers that slide into place over the spine. The tracks are big enough to get a good selection of cables into place and out of sight. Two covers are included with the mount but you can order additional covers separately if you need more. You can also paint them to match your home's decor. Be sure to leave a gap for the wires to exit where needed. The gap will be conveniently concealed by the equipment on the shelf in front.

The Omnomount Tria-2 is part of a growing selection of wall mounted shelf systems that have risen in popularity along with their TV wall mount cousins. They solve the thorny problem of where to put the A/V components when the screen is suspended above the floor. They're easy to install and can be combined to create a setup that's right for your needs. They look pretty cool and with the wires hidden from sight your spouse will think you are too.

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