Peerless SF640 TV Wall Mount

Fixed Low-Profile Wall Mount for 23" to 46" Displays

Peerless SF640 TV Wall Mount

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  • Very slim profile
  • Single stud installation with metal studs
  • Generous lateral adjustment
  • Open back design for easy electrical access
  • Small frame limits TV compatibility
  • Some TVs require bolts to big for bracket slots
  • Locking screws difficult to reach
  • Very little space for rear connections

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Product Summary
If you're looking for a mount that offers a discreet, low profile design, the Peerless SF640 might be the answer. At a wall hugging 1.5" it has one of the lowest profiles available. Keep in mind this is a fixed TV wall mount so there is no tilt, swivel or extension movements.

Out of the box the first thing you notice is that this is a fairly small mount. It's rated for screen sizes up to 46", but the TV brackets are not long enough to fit every mounting hole pattern for displays in this size range. Even if your TV fits, the required mounting bolts may be too wide to fit through the slots. Fortunately, you can check to see if your TV is compatible using the Peerless mount finder before you order.

The SF640 is designed to accommodate stud spacing up to 16". Check your studs to make sure it will fit. If you happen to have metal studs you also have the option of mounting to a single stud, providing the combined weight (including the TV) does not exceed 35lbs. Peerless offer a metal stud fastener kit for this purpose.

A single stud installation might be OK for smaller, lighter TVs, but dual studs are the preferred method and should be used whenever possible.

Make sure you hook-up all the required connections before you attach the TV to the wall plate. The low profile design leaves very little gap between the wall and TV. Getting the various plugs inserted once the TV is in place can be impossibly difficult. A practical alternative is to use "L" style right angle connectors available at most electronic stores.

The upper and lower rails of the wall plate allow the TV to move side to side to help with centering the TV on the wall. This is a handy feature to have as in most situations the wall studs are not conveniently located. The amount of lateral adjustment will depend heavily on the make and model of TV. The narrower the mounting hole patten, the more 'slide' you will have.

Once you have the TV centered you can lock it in position using the two locking screws on the bottom of the TV brackets. Peerless supply an allen wrench for this purpose, but depending on the height of your TV, it can be quite an ordeal reaching them from behind the display.

Despite a few compatibility issues, the sleek, low-profile design of the Peerless SF640 will showcase your flat panel TV to its fullest at a very reasonable cost.

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