VideoSecu MP27B TV Wall Mount

Single Arm Articulating Wall Mount for 37"-55" Displays

VideoSecu MP27B TV Wall Mount

Editors' Rating:

  • Accepts 24" stud spacing
  • Good lateral adjustments
  • Big selection of mounting bolts
  • Inexpensive
  • Single arm design prone to leaning
  • Cryptic directions
  • Arm joints very stiff

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Product Summary
The first thing you notice with the VideoSecu MP27B articulating wall mount is that it has a single arm. Most TV wall mounts in this size range that extend away from the wall have two in order to balance the weight of the TV. This helps keep the screen level throughout the full range of motion.

VideoSecu tries to overcome any leaning tendencies by using heavy gauge steel and large pivot joints. This works up to a point, but the strain is noticeable for larger, heavier TVs. The mount is rated up to 180lbs, but 100lbs or less is probably more realistic if you want to avoid alignment issues.

To hang the screen there are two vertical brackets that bolt to the back of the TV. These in turn hang from a horizontal rail that runs the length of the front plate of the mount. This design allows you to side the TV left or right a few inches to get the display centered on the wall. Keep in mind that too much in either direction could exacerbate the alignment problem, causing the screen to tilt slightly to one side or the other.

You lock the TV in place via two small screws located at the base of each bracket.

Unlike many of its competitors the MP27B does not skimp on the wall plate. It is wide enough to accommodate 24" studs. If you've ever tried to mount a 16" wall plate on 24" studs you will appreciate this capability. If you happen to have standard 16" studs you will have some additional leeway to center the wall plate on the wall without having to resort to any lateral adjustment of the mount brackets (see above).

In the box is a good selection of mounting hardware which should be more than enough to fit most TVs. Unfortunately, the included installation instructions can best be described as cryptic, so some basic handyman skills will prove invaluable for a trouble free install.

In order for the mount to be concealed behind the TV your TV must be at least 36" wide.

The VideoSecu MP27B offers an uncluttered single arm design with a full 180° swing and +/-15° tilt. For lighter weight screens the generous 27" extension should provide enough flexibility for the perfect viewing angle.

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