Floor Standing TV Wall Mounts

If the idea of drilling holes in your living room wall doesn't appeal to you, you might want to consider a floor standing TV wall mount instead.

As the name implies these mounts are designed to rest on the floor and do not require any complicated installation, or permanent damage to your interior walls.

Since the stand must support the full weight of the TV several feet off the ground, they tend to have widely space legs and sturdy frames made of heavy gauge steel.

The main trade off is usually height. To prevent the stand from becoming top heavy and toppling over, screen elevation is typically limited to under 6 feet.

Product Summaries

BDI Arena 9972 TV Wall Mount
BDI Arena 9972 TV Wall Mount  
BDI have a well earned reputation for quality engineering and innovative design. The Arena 9972 TV stand is no exception.

Floor standing mounts work well behind low cabinets or home theater consoles. Some are specially designed to work with compatible cabinets from the same manufacturer. Other designs come with a built in base and can be used stand alone, or tucked behind an existing console.

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