Videosecu LCD-CM Under Cabinet TV Mount

Low Profile Flip Down Mount With 360 Rotation

Videosecu LCD-CM Under Cabinet TV Mount

Editors' Rating:

  • Flexible mount plate design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Full 360 degree arm rotation
  • Inexpensive
  • Screen can slip out of position
  • Awkward tension settings
  • Limited screen height adjustment

Quick Specs
Mount Type:
 Flip Down
Fits Screens:
Max Capacity:
Tilt Up/Dn:
Profile Height:
Max Stud Span:
 Single Stud

Product Summary
The Videosecu LCD-CM is a compact under cabinet flip-down TV mount that is easy to install and can fit into the tightest of spaces. You can quickly free up space in RVs, kitchens and work areas or anywhere you need flexible viewing options and quick TV storage.

The LCD-CM has a load rating of just 15lbs, so obviously this mount is geared towards the smaller screen sizes. Construction is heavy gauge pressed steel and overall it feels quite sturdy.

Unlike the Premier Mounts FLIP, the LCD-CM has a full 360 degree rotation. This means you can turn the mount head exactly where you need it for the perfect viewing angle. This feature is so useful we're surprised it's not standard of all under cabinet mounts.

The front mount plate (the part that bolts to the back of your TV) has an unusual design. Instead of the standard VESA hole patterns it has a series of elongated slots. The slots are spaced at VESA friendly 50mm, 75mm and 100mm increments. This configuration gives a wide range of horizontal and vertical combinations that can also help to position the screen relative to the cabinet above and counter top below. The downside is the up and down movement of the arm can result in the screen sliding out of position over time. A few locking washers can help counteract this.

The arm is held in position by tension alone. A small allen key lets you adjust this setting as needed. Unfortunately, trying to find the right balance can be a bit tricky. You want it stiff enough to hold the screen in place, but not too tight that you risk damaging something when moving the arm from one position to another. You may have to try a few settings in order to find the right mix.

The base plate has a total of six holes for mounting to the cabinet. This should be enough for lightweight screens, even if your cabinets are made of particle board. For more demanding installations consider replacing the screws with bolts that pass through the shelf. This will provide considerably more strength and eliminate the possibility that the mount will rip away from the cabinet.

The low-profile design of the Videosecu LCD-CM keeps it out of sight yet it comes with enough features to make it a practical choice for a wide range of applications.

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